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Thee O' Friends 

We would love to continue to create and showcase new works, with the intent of traveling them up and down our country.

If you could help us by donating that would be incredible, plus with some amazing rewards

The following people are friends of Thee O' Company:

John Glover, Lynne Nash, Gail Collins-Webb, Jude Chapman, Annette Peedell, Ian Cole, Harry Apps, Emma Haworth, Angela Bell, Gerald Matthews, Jack Frewin, Mary Tingle, Mark Owen, Rachel Lockwood, Helen Powell, Alan, Cerys Powell, Lauretta Owen, Bryony Martin, Lewis D. Gilbert, Anita Hodgson, Kes Gaian

Thee O' Sponsors

The following organisations have generously helped Thee O' Company with financial donations.

If you would like to be become a corporate sponsor then please email us.