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Hay Fever in Pictures

Hay Fever | August 2017


Our third show as a company, The famous Noel Coward play Hay Fever written in 1924. Showing at The Alan Cornish Theatre, in Woodley.

The play is set in an English country house in the 1920s, and deals with the four eccentric members of the Bliss family and their outlandish behaviour when they each invite a guest to spend the weekend. The self-centred behaviour of the hosts finally drives their guests to flee...

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Wind in the Willows | July 2017


Commissioned by The Rising Sun to finish the River Of Creativity parade on Broad Street, Reading. Thee O's started devising our spin on the tales of the Riverbank. We wanted to incorporate the incredible pirate ship that was build, and Toad crashing it started our performance for all the Family to enjoy.

River of Creativity

Peace | April 2017


A play dealing with the tragic consquences of death. After new found love, watch Noah have to come to peace with Rose's death.

Written by Dshanka Djuric.

Directed by Aidan Owen.

Starring: Jordan Peedell, Dshanka Djuric, Jeremy Collins-Webb, Nia Powell and Char Nash.

Behind the Scenes!

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Life in a Box | 2016

Was our first show as a new troop, Written by Nia Powell was a successful touring show in 2016 

Set in a bed and breakfast in Wiltshire, Life in a box provides a key hole into the everyday of the family who run the business and all the guests that arrive and depart throughout. Following in particular; the journey of one of the guests that takes an adventurous detour from Esslemont House. Includes transformative decisions, an argument via the telephone and an all-important conclusion to the future of "life in a box". 

It was performed at four location along the M4 corridor: 

Trowbridge (The Arc Theatre)

Bristol (Bristol Improv Theatre)

Reading (Rising Sun Arts)

Swindon (Redhouse community)

Behind the scenes